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For use in 100 L or less aquariums
Max water flow 440 L/min
Max lift 110 cm
For use in Φ12/16 mm tube
Media volume 1.5 L
Easy to install and maintain
High quality plastic material
Designed and made in Taiwan

Aquarium supplies, aquarium equipment, aquarium tube accessories

Shiruba XB-305 Power Filter

  • Technical data XB-305
    Power supply AC220-240V/50Hz
    Power consumption (W) 7
    Max. flow (L/H) 440
    Max lift (CM) 110
    Chamber capacity (L) 2.5
    Baskets capacity (L) 1.5
    Aquarium size up to 75cm (100L)
    Dimensions (mm) 260×122×182
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