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1. Available with three filtering effects, physical, chemical and biological. 

Capable of getting rid of impurities, decoloring, deodorizing and dissolving water toxins in fish tanks.

2.Easy to install and maintain. 

Adjustable flow control valves and restart water-adding free function with multinational patents. 

Super quiet submersible motors set.

3.Replaceable filter cartridges available. 
It is recommendedto use special-purpose filter cartridges for optimized effect.

4.Made In Taiwan

Shiruba Pf-60 Power Filter

SKU: 4715427321008
  • Technical data PF-60
    Power AC 110V/230V 50Hz/60Hz
    Power consumption (W) 4
    Dimension (mm) (L)83x(W)80x(H)110
    Aquarium size up to (L) 10
    Pump output approx. (L/H) 60
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