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Is an indispensable water conditioner which not only eliminates chlorine in tap water, but also reduces the polluting effects caused by heavy metals in the water, conditioning and preparing the pond water for pond life and fish. It contains Aloe Vera a special and natural colloid which protects the skin slime and gills of fish reducing stress when changing water maintaining the pH level stable.

How to use:

100 ml for 2000 liters of water every 15 days. To increase efficiency, it is recommended the simultaneous use of AQUASALZ - oxygenating salts of PRODAC. To add AQUASANA POND at every water changes it's very important.

ATTENTION: while using AQUASANA POND, you must remove the carbon from the filter. Keep the product away from the reach of children.

Prodac Aquasana Pond 500ML

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