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Fondo vivo is a specially formulated soil for fresh water aquariums. 

It consists of clay and natural substances containing trace elements and added ferrous mineral, in the form of sulphate. 

Fondo vivo is used to encourage vigorous growth of the plants that find healthy nutrition in it. 

Its particular porosity helps the roots establish quickly and easily. 

Fondo vivo does not make the water cloudy, and also helps the oxygenation of the bottom. 

Fondo vivo should not be washed, but must be used as it is, so as not to remover the active substances to have a sub-strata which is even richer in substances which aquatic plants need, we recommend mixing: 1 Fondo vivo, 1 humus and 1 humuplus then spread this mixture on the bottom und cover with washed gravel. 
(This example is valid for a surface area of 60 x 30 cm.) 
Then add the water taking care not to disturb the gravel which prevents the mixture coming to the surface.

Prodac Fondo Vivo 2.5kg

SKU: 8018189300134
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