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Mini Size :3mm

Guarantees total freshness and easily digestible for fish 
Contains enzymes to minimize water contamination from fish waste 
All essential vitamins and minerals are included to provide the best possible balanced meal for the fish 
It will provide ideal growth for Koi fish even in outdoor conditions 
Promote growth and beautify overall shape of the fish 

Feeding conditions 
Do feed 2-4 times daily according to water, temperature and current health condition of fish 
Please do not surpass the amount that the fish will feed within 5-10 minutes 
Remove any extra uneaten food from the tank after one hour 

Ingredients: Wheat Germ, spirulina, krill, shrimp meal, carotene, wheat germ meal, white fish meal, soya bean meal, dried sour wheat, dehydrated alfa alfa, brewers, dried yeast, minerals, vitamins - A, B complex, C and E

OCEAN FREE XO Wheat Germ - Growth | 1kg

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