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Ocean Free Super Disease Away is the latest break-through for aquarium treatment to prevent and act against a large range of diseases, external parasites, external lesions, bacteria (bacteria on skin), fungi, protozoa (costia, chilodonella, trichodina etc), monogenea, hirudinea (leeches), and crustacea (argulus, lernae).

Key Features:

• Safe and easy to use
Usually use as a preventive medications
• Acts as a disinfectant and can be used to improve the water quality
• Excellent for dip treatment for the above diseases
Harmless to all fishes and plants
• 120ml treats 1200L
Specially for koi, goldfish, arowana, big size fish, blood parrot, discus, breeders, fish farming and hetcheries
Suitable for freshwater

When to use:
• Prevent disease
• Dip treatment for all the external bacteria, fungus, parasites infections and gill diseases
• Quarantine for the new arrival of fish
• Remove the dissolved & suspended organic materials
• Treatment for gill diseases, fungus, external bacteria and parasites infections

(1) Dip Treatment
Add 20ml per 10L of water, dip fish for not more than 5 minutes
Repeat treatment after 2 days if necessary

(2) Tank/ pond treatment
Add 2ml per 10L of water
A 25% water change is recommended after 3 hours of treatment
Repeat daily if necessary but with water change of 25%

(3) For prevention of disease, removing of organic materials (improve water quality)
Add 1ml per 10L of water
Repeat treatment at 5 days interval
The color will change from purple to brown and then turn colorless

(4) Act as disinfectant
For washing/soaking tank or filter, filtration system carrying bacteria, add 5ml per 10L of water

Ocean Free OF Super Disease away (J / 120ml )

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