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Size : 120ml
Chinese herbs are natural, mild and non-toxic. They leave no residual, environmentally safe and most importantly drug resistance. Finally, Ocean Free has successfully formulated (T4) Herbal Anti-Gill Disease to treat all diseases caused by bacteria.

Key Features:

• Treat all gill disease and exhance immuno-function and detoxicating effect on fish gill
• Ideal for sleeping disease and gill rot
• Natural herbal extract and health supplement
• Non toxic and chemical-free
• Treats all stresses gill disease when fish are exposed strong medicated treatment, bacteria attack or heavy polluted water
Boost fishes' natural immune system
• Disinfects and protect fishes skin
• Non-lethal in event of over-dosage unlike chemical medications
Suitable for all fishes, especially for gold fishes and koi
• For freshwater and saltwater

When To Use:

• Use when fish's gill lines becomes lighter, gill edge giving off pastry/rotting and gill lids are covered by white membrane
• To induce fish's natural body slime coating and curing of inflammation of the gill membrane
"Sleeping Disease" especially for Koi

Ocean Free Herbal Anti-Gill Disease T4

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