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Size : 120ml
 Description :
Chinese herbs are natural, mild and non-toxic. 
They leave no residual, environmentally safe and most importantly drug resistance. 
Finally, Ocean Free has succesfully formulated Herbal Anti-Fungus (T3) Treatment to treat all diseases caused by fungus infection.

Key Features:

•Treat fish cotton fungus diseases, fish nest, eggs and all stress-related infection
•Very ideal for treating new arrived fished
•Mild and safe with no harmful addictives
protect with disinfecting effect on skin of fishes
•Larger range of safety density with no side effect
Suitable for all fishes, fish nest and eggs
• 120ml treats 1200L
For freshwater and saltwater

When To Use:
•Prevention and cure of fish cotton disease (saprolegniasis)
• Disinfects fish nest and eggs against fungal growth
• Prevents fish infection due to transportation, changing of tank water and fish bites
• Generally protects and treats all stress-related infection
• Protect new arrived fishes from stress-related infection

Ocean Free Herbal Anti-Fungus T3

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