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Eheim Pro Wet / Dry Canister Filter 2227

  • As an external filter, the Eheim Professionel Wet/Dry Filter is the first filter to offer the perfect technology of a "breathing" alternating contact with the filter medium. The bacteria colonies are rhythmically flushed and aerated. This creates ideal conditions for considerably accelerated decomposition of almost all solved pollutants.

    The Eheim Professionel wet/dry filters offer efficiency surpassing that of a tricle filter. The water movement within the filter is bi-directional allowing for extended contact time between bacteria cononies, oxygen and toxinx, which are thus decomposed much more rapidly than in a traditional filter.

    • Faster decomposition of pollutants than with conventional pot filters: ammonium by 73%, nitrite by 67% faster.
    • Exchange of oxygen and CO2 is accomplished by means of displacement through the specially designed breathing tube.
    • The water output pulsates as the filter fills and empites, acheiving a wavelike action.
    • Integrated interval control for reliable operation.
    • Oxygen-rich water in constant quality.
    • Only filtered water is released into circulation.
    • 2 year warranty


  • Eheim Professionel Wet/Dry Filter 2227 with EHFISUBSRAT 4L:

    • Aquarium Size: 92 gal
    • Filter Volume: 1.3 gal
    • Pump Output: 277 gph
    • Weight: 13 lbs
    • Power Consumption: 25 W
    • Dimensions: 12"x9"x14"
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