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Good for plants and aquarium enthusiasts
EHEIM automatic fertiliser autoliquid – the little helper for the scheduled basic care of the aquarium plants. Also useful during your holi-days and easy to program. Reliable and safe.
EHEIM autoliquid gives your water plants what they need every day. And you can take care about anything else.

The EHEIM automatic fertiliser autoliquid regularly provides nutrients for your plants. Even during your holidays. Time and dosing can easily be pro-grammed. Or you can manually interfere with a push of a button. The au-tomatic fertiliser is small and compact. Simply fit it on the cover of the aquarium or fix it on the edge of the pool when the aquarium is opened.

EHEIM autoliquid is only suitable for liquid fertilisers. Aquarium plants need this fluid fertiliser because they absorb nutrients directly from the water via roots and leaves. We recommend EHEIM autoDÜNGER. It contains the important macro- and trace elements and protects from deficiencies.

Advantages of the automatic fertiliser EHEIM autoliquid:

Automatic fertilisation of the aquarium plants with nutrients which have no longterm stability
Daily basic care – even during your holidays
Only suitable for fluid fertilisers – optimal is EHEIM autoDünger (1 ampule is sufficient for 10 days for a  100-l-tank)
Fertilisation mode is easy to program (3 possibilities)
Also manual interfering with a push of a button
Simply put it on the cover of the aquarium (secure it with hook-and-loop-tape) or fit it to the pane with the bracket when the aquarium is opened (accessories included with the delivery)
Batteries included
Splash-proof function keys
Low is displayed when the battery is weak
Tip: As far as possible only use EHEIM autoDÜNGER  – the exactly adjusted mixture of macro- and trace elements for the daily basic care of water plants

Eheim Liquidoser

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