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Description With its well-balanced mixture of important organic acids and growth stimuli, Easy-Life Bio-Exit Green produces a biological balance in the tank and therefore inhibits algae growth. If plants are not well provided for, they can not grow fast enough and emit sugars into the water column. This sugar then serves as nourishment for unsightly algae (like beard, thread, brush and brown algae). Bio-Exit Green counters this process with its innovative formula for healthy plant growth.


• Inhibits algae growth.

• Prevents biological disbalance.

• Innovative formula of specific organic acids.

• Sees to an attractive plant view. Usage

• Use 10 ml per 40 l tank water as weekly dosis.

• Change tank water after 2 weeks.

• Do not change tank water during the treatment.

• If algae remain or algae spores sprout, repetition of the treatment is possible.

• Shake thoroughly before usage.

• Medium can be filtered out by activated carbon, which needs to be removed before the treatment.

• Do not overdose!

• Harmless to fish, plants and used when used properly.

Easy Life Bio-Exit Green 250ML

SKU: 8718347330323
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