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Dymax Ez Filter EF-40

  • ymax eZ Filter is a highly efficient and easy to maintain filtration system which is as complete as it can be. This filter is equipped with a powerful Dymax 600L/H power head that draw water from both surface and bottom of the aquarium. 

    As a complete filtration system,this unit has all filter media in the most practical filter basket compartment which includes white wool(mechanical filter)to trap large dirt particles; activated carbon(chemical filter)to remove chemical impurities, odour and colouration from water and bio sponge(biological filter) which cultivates bacteria to clean the water and remove nitrate effectively. 

    To make Dymax eZ Filter more interesting, this unit is design to attach an optional Dymax IQ Skimmer for a marine aquarium so that skimming and filtering process can work together in a single compact unit. 

    With all the multiple features that this filter provides, the Dymax eZ Filter has made marine, planted and freshwater keeping a success of the aquarium.

    Suitable for tank size 90 - 120 cm in length, 30 cm in height.

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