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Description : 
Carbon dioxide is an important element for aquatic plants. Other than the necessary nutrients and sunlight, carbon dioxide is one or the key element for plants making food (such as photosynthesis process).

Dymax Carbon D Plus is a source of bio-available organic carbon needed by all aquatic plants. This organic carbon is typically obtained from carbon dioxide (CO2) which help to restore ferrous iron from ferric iron in liquid form to dissolve easily in water for quick plant absorption.

Add 5mls (1/2 capful) of solution to every 60lts for new tank or after more then 40% water change. Dissolve with some water before adding directly into the aquarium. Thereafter add 5ml (1/2 capful) of solution to every 200ltr daily or every other day. (this dose also use as algae control). Dosing may be slowly increased in high-growth planted aquarium. Can work in conjunction with co2 injection. Shake well before use.

Remove activated carbon and maintain a good circulation when using this product. Keep out of reach of children.


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