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• In planted aquaria, the size 
   and speed of CO2 bubbles 
   is crucial to maintain the 
   health of aquatic plants in 
   tank environment
• The Ocean Free Smart    
   CO2 Bubble Counter is   
   made to measure in 
   precision the CO2 to be 
   dosed to the diffuser 
• Specially designed using     
   best quality material
• Crystal clear and easily fit 
   into any CO2 set-up 

Bubble Counter Ocean Free

  • CO2 Flow Indicator made from crush proof material.It's durable and acid and alkali resistant.Ultrasonic agglutination makes the product pressure resistant


    • Fill the chamber with water to 3/5 full.
    • Connect CO2 supply tube to air inlet,then connect air outlet with CO2 diffuser.
  • Product Type Co2 Systems
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