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What is BIOHOME? 

• It is a sintered glass filtration media that houses billions of beneficial bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. BIOHOME is by far the most operational and cost effective biological media available. Bacteria clings on better in BIOHOME than any other plastic media. This promotes fast growth and colonisation.

• Filter mat, foam, gravel clay, carbon lava, coral, or molded plastics support only limited bacterial growth for removal of some N compounds. Consequentially these materials are more suited to degassing and/or ion exchange than to effective biological filter operations. It is safe, not harmful to fishes, does not change mineral balance or pH.

• BIOHOME is the most efficient and cost effective biological colonisation media available for Nitrobacter, nitrosomonas, and other bacteria which adapt themselves to function in anoxic conditions.

BIOHOME Sintered Glass 1KG

SKU: 8886390101068
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