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Size: 330ml

AZOO 9 IN 1 AROWANA STICKS, with glucan immunity formula added, provide complete nutrition to the carnivorous fish. This fine fish food can be treated as the replacement for live food arowana and carnivorous fish. 

Ingredients: Fish Powder, Flour, Spirulina, Wheat Powder, Fish Liver, Fish oil, Krill, Astacine, Carotenoids, PSB, Yeast powder, Glucan, Fresh Shrimp Meat, Multi-Vitamins, Minerals. 

1.Immunity | 2.PSB | 3.Color Enhancement | 4.Delicious | 5.Growth | 6.Health | 7.Medication | 8.Good Digestion | 9.Deodorication Guaranteed 

Feeding Instructions: 
This well-balanced food should be fed 2 to 3 times, but only as much as fish can eat up within 3 minutes. 

Analysis: Crude Protein: 40% (Min) Crude Fat: 4.8% (Min) Crude Fiber: 7% (Max) Moisture: 5% (Max)

Azoo 9 in 1 Arowana Sticks

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