Aquarium TURBO-JET CO2 Diffuser Reactor Large (60L to 480L) CO2 through water pump turbo strike, and then through special patent design of volcano type, with jet style strike on the filter and dissolved completely 

An unique patented dual-spray design:
1) Upper turbo currents 
2) lower jet stream
Small bio-media to ensure 100% CO2 dissolution.
CO2 enters at top and CO2-saturated water exits at bottom.
Use with a small powerhead or internal filter. Bio-media included.
Recommended flow rate is between 100–300 GPH. 2" diam. x 10" Ht.
This product is designed for use inside a tank or sump as it is not sealed.
This reactor allows yeast bottles to work even the gas pressure is low.

UP Turbo - Jet CO2 Reactor

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