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A simple way to supply CO2 to your planted tank.
Replacement CO2 canister to ISTA CO2 Diffuser Set.

Special Feature

Compact and convenient in setting up. Transparent, nice looking and won't deform
A simply way to efficiently dissolve CO2 into the water.
Extendable in dissolving rate simply by connecting chambers. Suitable for both small and medium size tank.
Perfect chamber length in activating with water current to ensure efficient diffusion.
Set up

Vertically place the Diffuser into the tank to fill up the camber with aquarium water.
Secure diffuser in tank with suction cups
Cover and fasten the air outlet (positioned on the top side of diffuser) with rubber cup
Connect the CO2 inlet (positioned on the by side of diffuser) with CO2 Canister through a airline tubing and gently fill up the chamber of diffuser with CO2.
With ISTA Disposable CO2 Canister, it 550 cc (at 1ATM 25℃).

Ista CO2 Disposable Cylinder

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