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Easy-Life AquaMaker offers lightning fast and highly effective water treatment, even combatting strongly increased nitrite and ammonia concentrations in a very short time. Even the most aggressive and unsuitable tap water is immediately brought to harmless levels by Easy-Life AquaMaker and can be used for both freshwater and marine water tanks. It can also be used in reef aquariums and even garden ponds, as AquaMaker is completely harmless for all fish, plants, corals, shrimp, snails and biofilters. AquaMaker is pH-, KH- and GH-neutral.


• Highly effective chlorine and chloramine removal
• Removes heavy metals
• Bonds and neutralizes ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite
• Protects gills and mucous membrane
• Stress-reducing for all aquarium inhabitants


AquaMaker is ideally added to the tap water used for the water change. In this case, use the dosage prescribed for the total volume of the aquarium. In this way, aggressive substances are neutralized immediately. AquaMaker can of course also be added directly to the aquarium water. In this case, the total volume of the aquarium water must also be used as a basis for the dosage.

Dosage in the aquarium:

• The standard dosage is 10 ml per 50 litres aquarium water.
• At water change: Treat refill water according to the dosage for the total volume of the aquarium.
• 5 ml per 50 litres at a low chlorine, chloramine or ammonia concentration.
• 20 ml per 50 litres at a higher chlorine, chloramine or ammonia concentration.
• 30 ml per 50 litres at a very high nitrite concentration (3 mg/L or higher) or high levels of ammonia (1 mg/L or higher).
• At water temperatures above 30° Celsius, always use at most half the standard dosage of AquaMaker.

Shake bottle vigorously for about 30 seconds before use and then dose immediately. 
The product may have a sulfurous odor.

Easy Life AquaMaker 250ML

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