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AZOO MAX SHRIMP BREEDFEATURES:Specifically formulated for promoting shrimp’s eggs laying. Well balanced nutrition, suitable for juvenile and adult shrimp.Effectively promote shrimps’ gonadal development, raising the rate of laying eggs. Rich in spirulina, shrimp meal, kelpand lecithin, providing shrimp’s body color enhancement andrapid growth. Specifically made with stable, not easy tocrumble quality, won’t make the water cloudy.SELECTED INGREDIENTS:FISH MEAL、SHRIMP MEAL、SPIRULINA、KELP、BREWER’S YEAST LECITHIN、BARLEY’S POWDER、OAT POWDER、BUCKWHEAT POWDER、COLLAGEN、ENZYME、CHITONSAN、GONADOTROPIN、MULTI-VITAMINS、MINERALSGUARANTEED ANALYSIS:Crude Protein: 50% MinCrude Fat: 5% MinCrude Fiber: 10% MaxCrude Ash: 12% MaxWater: 8% Max SizeCode10 gAZ80226 NOTES:The display color of the item and its packaging could differ from theactual product due to uses' monitors settings.

Azoo Max Shrimp Breed 10 g

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